Other work

Hi, so sometimes when I’m extra silent, it’s because I’ve been writing for other platforms in efforts to keep myself solvent haha. I am especially lucky to get to contribute to Her Zimbabwe, below is some of the stuff I’ve written for them:

  1. “Respectability politics: a bane of Zimbabwean women’s organising?”
  2. “In defence of the millennial generation”
  3. “Please let us complain about our culture”
  4. “‘Fast girls’, Tomana and the age of consent” –
  5. “Catcalling: how it feels to be sexually harassed”
  6. “Is access to education a universal right?”
  7. “Of gendered clothing and deviance”
  8. “Film review: Dare Remember”
  9. “Do you get to keep your job? Worker’s rights and the Supreme Court rulings”
  10. “Second hand clothing ban: Economic recovering will leave people hungry”

I will continuously update this list so that nothing is left out!

Also, after last year’s miniskirt march, I wrote a couple of articles on it for other platforms:

  1. “Why I marched in Harare’s mini skirt march”
  2. ” Unlearning modesty culture: Mini skirt march, Harare, Zimbabwe”


I have also written two articles for Induna Magazine that have been featured in their digital magazine and on their website as well:

  1. “Public transportation should be made safer”
  2. “Self-love: beauty standards suck!”

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