Other work

Hi, so sometimes when I’m extra silent, it’s because I’ve been writing for other platforms in efforts to keep myself solvent!

My most recent article was on the APC website GenderIt.org :

  1. “Politics of a feminist internet in Zimbabwe: Resistance and silence”

I was especially lucky to get to contribute to Her Zimbabwe under the sound leadership of founder Fungai Machirori. Below are links to some of the work I wrote for them during this period, 2015-2016:

  1. “Respectability politics: a bane of Zimbabwean women’s organising?”
  2. “In defence of the millennial generation”
  3. “Please let us complain about our culture”
  4. “‘Fast girls’, Tomana and the age of consent” –
  5. “Catcalling: how it feels to be sexually harassed”
  6. “Is access to education a universal right?”
  7. “Of gendered clothing and deviance”
  8. “Film review: Dare Remember”
  9. “Do you get to keep your job? Worker’s rights and the Supreme Court rulings”
  10. “Second hand clothing ban: Economic recovering will leave people hungry”
  11. “Zimbabwe’s queerphobia is in what we say and don’t say”
  12. “Abortion: let women own their bodies”
  13. “We need feminist reporting”
  14. “On Eritrea: when we make a ‘joke’ of forced marriage”

Next up are Her Zimbabwe articles published in conjunction with Urgent Action Fund – Africa, for their 2015 16 Days of Activism series:

  1. “How misogyny is replicated across the “digital divide” in the development narrative”
  2. “Human rights are only applicable to persons we recognise as human”

Also, after the 2014 miniskirt march in Harare, I wrote a couple of articles on it for other platforms:

  1. “Why I marched in Harare’s mini skirt march”
  2. ” Unlearning modesty culture: Mini skirt march, Harare, Zimbabwe”


I have also written two articles for Induna Magazine that have been featured in their digital magazine and on their website as well:

  1. “Public transportation should be made safer”
  2. “Self-love: beauty standards suck!”


I will continuously update this list so that nothing is left out!


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